Kosy - From Iceland with love

About us

When comfort meets fashion design

Shoes are our sweet sin. The more we have, the better we feel! Behind our beloved ones are hidden talents, a craftsman of wonders and a designer of happiness. Kosy shoes are the result of the openness and refinement innate in Islandic design culture, combined with quality materials to give you a unique footwear experience. Merino wool and leather are used in our sandals and slippers to create their contemporary look and appeal, while the massage cushions of our nine pressure points regulate your body’s well-being.

Your well-being from head to toe

Furthermore, our patented design undersole, with its flexibility design and comfort, is reminiscent of natural stimulation when walking barefoot in nature. Earth and natural tones are actually a major part of the design, enhanced with pop ‘volcanic’ colors.

The origin behind Kosy

A family business and a leading bedding store

In Iceland, we became aware that our customers were calling for high-quality and comfortable slippers. It is in the end one of the most searched product worldwide. We sell beds and mattresses in our store ‘Betra Bak’ in Reykjavík and there we found that customers were looking for slippers to wear after they woke up, which would provide both good support for their feet and be comfortable to wear.

Betra Bak is one of the leading bedding stores in Iceland, renowned for its excellent quality and well-being. Our goal was to design and produce shoes for the Icelandic market that would meet these requirements.

The Undri slippers for the Icelandic market were manufactured with professional advice from doctors and shoe specialists. These slippers made a major breakthrough, with customers not only buying them over and over again, but also giving them to family and friends and sharing their enjoyment of the shoes.

We thought that as these slippers had already made a huge impact in Iceland, we wanted to share them with the world, and allow the world to enjoy wearing these high-quality and comfortable slippers made from top-grade materials.

We decided the popular Undri shoe should be given a makeover and it underwent two years of development work in order to design, improve the shoe and make it even better. That’s how we ended up adding a new collection of sandals to have an outdoor alternative by popular demand.

Gauti Reynisson


Egill Reynisson - Betra Bak


Inventor & designer

Lárus Gunnsteinsson

Lárus Gunnsteinsson is the designer of the relax insole for the Kosy shoe family of products.

He graduated as a master of shoemaking in 1983 and later as an orthopedic shoemaker with the highest possible grade in 1993. He then studied shoe design from 1994 to 1995 with the same master and shoe designer Willy Kranz in Sweden. Lárus ran a family business named Skostofan EHF. alongside his father until 2000 when Össur hf, a global orthopedic and bracing company, bought part of their business and hired him as a product designer for bracing and prosthetics. Lárus has been designing and producing a plethora of products ever since and holds seventeen patents related to the projects he has been involved in and some others still pending.

Additionally, Lárus conducted gait analysis on thousands of Icelandic people and in turn produced shoe inserts to improve gait posture. Throughout his career, Lárus has specialized in making shoes for both healthy and physically challenged people as well as creating specialty footwear used in theatrical productions and other miscellaneous applications. As a cornerstone within the Icelandic shoe industry, Lárus is the go-to professional for shoe production and design consulting.

Currently, Lárus sits on the Board of Shoemakers federation of Iceland and is the Chairman of the board for shoemaking education. He is also Chairman of the Board of Tradesman in Art, Culture, and Handcrafting for the Icelandic Minister of Education and Culture. He is the owner of Skostofan EHF. He was also a member of the Board of Directors at Orkuhúsið, a private hospital clinic from 2004-2009.

Mission & values

Kosy shoes are all about natural beauty, from earth, from materials, from you.

In Iceland, there is a saying: ‘Night is the mother of the day’. We want to give you the opportunity of feeling perfect throughout the whole day: good night-time sleeping and good day-time walking.

We believe...

  • in the power of feeling good, on the inside and outside.

  • you deserve to feel comfortable and relaxed, both in your skin and in your mind, but we realise that this involves actually being comfortable in your shoes.

  • in the power of simple things making a real impact on your health and equilibrium.

  • in our know-how and carefully crafted materials.

  • fashion design can serve a purpose: your well-being and your happiness, without unnecessary expense.

  • these shoes are designed for you, whatever mood you are in.